Oncology In the Department of Medicine

The Stanford Cancer Center

The Divisionís clinical research is conducted in the Stanford Cancer Center.

Stanford Cancer Center Entrance

The Stanford Cancer Center combines outpatient treatment and clinical research in a multimodality setting.

The clinical facility, which debuted early in 2004, offers patients with cancer and other medical conditions a modern, welcoming facility in which to receive outpatient care. In bright corridors and exam rooms, patients and their families find a positive and healing environment. The buildingís interior design is rich in color and detail and incorporates specially selected artwork. Indoor fountains and gardens provide a serene environment where patients and families can gather. The new building accommodates the growing demand for outpatient services, offering patients simpler, less invasive options for care.

Most of Stanfordís cancer services are consolidated in this building, fostering a team approach and enabling patients to stay in one location for procedures and tests. The building brings together members of Stanfordís renowned clinical faculty, a professional interaction crucial to the pursuit of new medical knowledge and to the design of well-coordinated treatment plans. The development of improved equipment and technologies delivers the most advanced cancer therapies and speed the transfer of research discoveries to the clinic, where they can be made available to patients through clinical trials.

The structure houses a radiation therapy site, a mammography and diagnostic radiology unit, multimodality cancer clinics, a treatment unit, a learning center, social services, nutritional services, a tumor registry, a pharmacy, an academic and clinical research site, a conference center, and other components of a comprehensive cancer center. The cancer-related sites occupy about 60% of the facility, or two and a half floors. The remainder of the structure is given over to ambulatory care services.

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