Oncology In the Department of Medicine

Stanford's Cancer Facilities

Stanford’s cancer facilities emphasize the need for collaboration in order to produce the best new research and treatments for cancer.

CCSR viewed from the North East

The Division of Oncology is headquartered in the Center for Clinical Sciences Research, popularly known as the CCSR.

CCSR atrium

CCSR walkways give an open feel to the building, and bridges unite research units physically and symbolically.

CCSR building

Oncology labs occupy the first floor of the CCSR building.

The Center for Clinical Sciences Research (CCSR)

The Division of Oncology’s administrative offices, research laboratories, and research faculty are housed in The Center for Clinical Sciences Research. State-of-the-art laboratories and core facilities reflect the private philanthropic commitments of more than $77 million which provided funding for the project. The most advanced research facilities and equipment enable researchers to produce and safety-test materials to be administered to patients in human clinical trials and to analyze cells from patients to monitor the effects of treatment in real time.

By its physical layout, the CCSR, completed in May, 2000, integrates scientists from several departments around three major interdisciplinary, interdepartmental programs - cancer biology and cancer therapy, immunology and transplantation, and genetics and gene therapy - creating the critical mass of new ideas that is essential to scientific advancement.

The Center for Clinical Sciences Research houses four major investigative centers:

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