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Cancer Education Seminar Series

This weekly conference, held on Tuesday mornings at 8 am in the Stanford Cancer Center, consists of formal lectures on the biology of cancer, principles of therapy, and the foundations of clinical research.  Selected lectures are videorecorded. 

All recorded lectures are listed below.  Videos recorded since October 2014 are available to the public. Videos from January 2014 - July 2014 require a SUNet ID; click on the talk title.

Seminar schedule

Upcoming seminars are listed on the Department of Medicine events calendar, http://medicinecalendars.stanford.edu

Recorded lectures

March 31, 2015
Rolling back the clock: inferring the dynamics of colorectal tumor growth and progression
Christina Curtis, PhD  Assistant Professor of Medicine (Oncology)


February 24, 2015
Updates in Neuro-oncology
Seema Nagpal, MD  Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurology

February 17, 2015
Pain Management: The Intersection of Pain, Oncology, and Palliative Care
Peter Schmidt, MD  Adjunct Clinical Instructor of Anesthesia

February 10, 2015
New treatment options for soft tissue sarcomas
Kristen Ganjoo, MD  Associate Professor of Medicine (Oncology)

February 3, 2015
A case based approach to integration of hospice and cancer care
Kavitha Ramchandran, MD  Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine (GMD and Oncology)
Sandy Trieu, MD  Clinical Instructor of Medicine (General Medical Disciplines)


January 13, 2015
Therapeutic Vaccines for Lymphoma
Ronald Levy, MD  Professor of Medicine (Oncology)

January 6, 2015
Graft versus Host Disease
Laura Johnston, MD   Associate Professor of Medicine (Blood & Marrow Transplantation)


December 16, 2014
RTOG Head and Neck Cancer Clinical Trials
Quynh-Thu Le, MD   Professor of Radiation Oncology  

December 2, 2014
T-cell lymphoma: Are We Making Real Progress?
Steven Horwitz, MD Associate Attending, Department of Medicine, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center


November 25, 2014
Stage IV NSCLC: Perspectives on Mechanisms of Disease Resistance and Current Therapies
Gabe Rivera, MD  Thoracic Oncology Fellow

November 18, 2014
Lung cancer screening, outcomes, and disparities
Manali Patel, MD  Instructor in Medicine (Oncology)

November 11, 2014
Small cell lung cancer: a radiation oncologist's perspective
David Shultz, MD  Instructor in Radiation Oncology

November 4, 2014
Evolution and Benefits of minimally invasive lung cancer resection
Mark Berry, MD  Associate Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery


October 28, 2014
Updates in the locoregional treatment of early breast cancer: Radiation Therapy
Kate Horst, MD     Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology (Radiation Therapy)

October 21, 2014
Updates in treatment of HER2-positive breast cancer
Mark Pegram, MD  Susy Yuan-Heuy Professor of Oncology

October 7, 2014
Updates in treatment of triple-negative breast cancer
Anosheh Afghahi, MD    Oncology Clinical Fellow


July 22, 2014
Tumor Immunology
(SUNet ID required)
Sukhmani Padda, MD  Instructor of Medicine (Oncology)

July 15, 2014
Oncologic Emergencies 
(SUNet ID required)
Rupa Narayan, MD   Postdoctoral Medical Fellow, Hematology

July 8, 2014
Cancer Pharmacology II: Targeted Therapies
(SUNet ID required)
Joel Neal, MD, PhD    Assistant Professor of Medicine (Oncology)

July 1, 2014
Cytotoxic Chemotherapy
(SUNet ID required)
Victor Villalobos, MD, PhD  Instructor of Medicine (Oncology)


June 17, 2014
Molecular Biology of MPNs: Impact on Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Treatment (SUNet ID)
Jason Gotlib, MD   Associate Professor of Medicine (Hematology)

June 10, 2014
Recent advances in the treatment of elderly cancer patients with AML
(SUNet ID required)
Bruno Medeiros, MD   Assistant Professor of Medicine (Hematology)


May 20, 2014
Renal cell carcinoma: Current and novel diagnostics and therapeutics
(SUNet ID required)
Alice Fan, MD Assistant Professor of Medicine (Oncology)

May 13, 2014
Ovarian Cancer - Do our patients benefit from the science yet?
(SUNet ID required)
Oliver Dorigo, MD, PhD   Associate Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology (Oncology)


April 15, 2014
Pancreas lesions, endoscopic approaches to diagnosis and management (SUNet ID)
    Walter Park, MD  Assistant Professor of Medicine (Gastroenterology and Hepatology)

April 8, 2014
Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma: treatment in the adjuvant and metastatic setting (SUNet ID)
    Pelin Cinar, MD  Clinical Instructor of Medicine (Hematology/Oncology), UCSF

April 1, 2014
Colorectal cancer, surgical techniques and advances
(SUNet ID required)
Cindy Kin, MD  Assistant Professor of Surgery (General Surgery)


March 25, 2014
Metastatic gastric cancer - one disease or many? (SUNet ID required)
    Pamela Kunz, MD  Assistant Professor of Medicine (Oncology)

March 18, 2014
HCC - A  multidisciplinary puzzle (SUNet ID required)
    Soma Subramaniam, MD  Fellow in Oncology

March 11, 2014
Building the Stanford Genomics Tumor Board
(SUNet ID required)
James Ford, MD  Associate Professor of Medicine (Oncology)


February 18, 2014
Approach to Occult Primary Tumors
(SUNet ID required)
    Victor Villalobos, MD, PhD Instructor of Medicine (Oncology)

February 4, 2014
Introduction to soft tissue tumors
(SUNet ID required)
    Raffi Avedian, MD  Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery


January 7, 2014
Common and Uncommon Lymphomas: Follicular & Cutaneous T Cell Lymphomas
(SUNet ID)
    Ronald Levy, MD  Professor of Medicine (Oncology)
Wen-Kai Weng, MD  Assistant Professor of Medicine (Blood & Marrow Transplantation)


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